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It’s been a successful year for MCM alumni and students as they continue the tradition of sharing their research and scholarship at academic and professional conferences around the world in 2020. The largest contingent of students (9 in total) will travel to Lake Bled Slovenia in July to present and participate at BledCom 2020 in the shadow of the historic Bled Castle.

MCM alum and students accepted to present at BledCom 2020 are: Kristine D’Arbelles, Ashika Theyyil, Pauline Berry, Shannon Gallagher, Lisa Hepfner, Cynthia Breen, Natalie Austin, Robyn Hawco, and Onyi Oyedel.

Two MCMers are currently attending and presenting at the International Public Relations Research Conference in Orlanda, Florida — Kim Yielding and Shannon Gallagher. Another two are scheduled to present at the Corporate Communication International conference in Milan, Italy in May (depending on the Coronavirus situation in Italy) — Josie Cassano Rizzuti and Paula Bernardino.

And finally, the Canadian Public Relations Society annual conference in Quebec City will see four MCMers — Jane Antoniak, Paula Bernardino, Agnes Bongers and Christine Szustaczek — in addition to one faculty member, Dr. Alex Sevigny — present their capstone research projects to one of the largest gatherings of public relations professionals in Canada in 2020.

Congratulations to all MCM alum and students for continuing to advance the science, scholarship and practice of public relations and communications in Canada and indeed, around the world.