Master of Communications Management

McMaster Communications Management Laboratory

McMaster Communications Management Laboratory

The MCM Research Lab is a multidisciplinary, virtual lab that brings together researchers who explore the theory and practice of public relations, communications management and audience/market research, data and behavioural sciences, and political communication.


The new COMM-Lab is a virtual place (for now) where McMaster University faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students can store and analyze data sets, communicate and work together. Researchers from other organizations can also be members, affiliates or research sponsors.

History of Research and Discovery in the MCM Program

Our first research initiative, the McMaster Comms Management Lab has deep roots. In 2008, Drs. Philip Savage and Alex Sévigny, APR, co-founded the COMM-Lab: Communications Metrics Lab. Its mandate was to enable empirical communications research, both qualitative and quantitative. The Metrics Lab created many opportunities for McMaster undergraduate students, as they didn’t have a graduate program at the time. Two notable research endeavours were:


  • A thorough content analysis of Question Period in the federal House of Commons, which resulted in a civility index, presented at Canadian Congress for the Humanities and Social Sciences in St. John, New Brunswick in 2011; and
  • A McMaster Media Study, which was an annual, student-led survey of McMaster students’ attitudes towards uses for and gratifications derived from various media.


In 2014, the Lab’s physical space was lost when its home at Wentworth House was demolished to enable the construction of L.R. Wilson Hall. The lab moved to the (not very) temporary Building 19, where it stayed until the space was rendered inoperable by a flood in 2017. At that time, Drs. Savage and Sévigny decided that perhaps the COMM-Lab had run its course and suspended operations.


Now, the McMaster COMM-Lab is back, in a new incarnation, ready to welcome industry partnerships from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. The new MCM Lab welcomes the growing MCM alumni community to become affiliates and to form research collaborations with their faculty and friends at their alma mater, McMaster University!

MCM Labs Industry Partners


Léger is the largest Canadian-owned polling and market research firm with 600 employees.



Meltwater is a software as a service solution and the world’s first online media monitoring company.



Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as “tweets”.


MCM Lab Management Committee

Dr. Terry Flynn, APR, FCPRS, LM

MCM Program Academic Director

Dr. Alex Sévigny, APR

MCM Lab Co-Director

Dr. Philip Savage

MCM Lab Co-Director

MCM Labs Adjunct Members

David Scholz

Executive Vice President and Partner, at Leger