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About Tuesday Talks

About Tuesday Talks

Watch over a dozen recorded sessions as MCM alumni share interesting and thought-provoking topics in our unique series of video presentations with discussions moderated by the MCM program director.

MCM Indigenous relations done right from within

MCM Indigenous relations done right from within

with Eileen Marlowe

Eileen Marlowe, the first northerner from the territories to graduate from MCM, has a great deal of experience as a communications officer and has served as an Indigenous relations advisor for several projects. Eileen walks us through how to begin to understand and to reach out and develop effective communications with Indigenous Peoples to help us all achieve our goals and objectives.

Tuesday Talks Showcase

Indigenous relations done right from within

Eileen Marlowe

Engagment With Your Workforce and Community

Parm Chohan, Town of Caledon

Bringing an Equity Lens to Communications Strategy, Sara Goldvine of BC Housing

Sara Goldvine of BC Housing

Why There Are So Few African-American Males In The PR industry

Chuck Wallington of Cone Health

Black Representation Matters

Sharlyn Carrington of CONTENTEVENTS

The Role of Corporate PR in the BLM Movement

Gail Strachan of Accenture

CH-CH-CHANGES: Demystifying Change Management

Colleen Killingsworth, CKCommunications Inc.

Communication Complexity

Christine Szustaczek, CCO, Sheridan College

Organizational Relevance

Alan Chumley of W20 Group

Mike Kuczkowski

How COVID-19 has changed the trust in organizational communications

Communications Crisis in the time of COVID-19

Brad Ross

Flying Through Turbulent Times: On the Frontlines at Southwest Airlines

Linda Rutherford, CCO/SVP Southwest Airlines

How Companies are Engaging During COVID-19

Dr. Tina McCorkindale and Steve Cody

Bombarded Markets

Dr. Paul Bates

Building Reputation Capital and the Argyle 2020 Public Relationship Index

Dan Tisch

Leadership Communications During Covid-19

Mike Kuczkowski